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It is a hectic process for companies to apply and get done with the trademarks renewal process. The renewal procedure of trademarks require time and filling of forms that should be sent to the office along-with documents before the deadline. There is where we come in handy as our rich business knowledge helps us in serving clients in the best possible manner and within the given time frame. Right from sourcing the documents to finishing the filling of forms, we keep in touch with the respective office to the renewal of trademarks on time.


Trademark registrations are needed to be renewed after a period of 10 years of their validity. The renewal process requires filing a renewal application. We can assist companies in their trademark renewal process.


The valid period of trademark registration protection is 10 years. By filing a trademark renewal application, companies can extend their trademarks protection by another 10 years. It is essential to protect the trademark by renewing it before expiry. A professional team can renew your trademark and extend its protection according to the Trade Mark Act of India.


It's important that a professional file for the renewal of a trademark application to ensure that the mark is properly protected. An experience professional team can file a professional application and address all aspects of Trademark Act, to ensure a successful trademark renewal.


Trade Marks Registry has an official journal known as Trademark Journal. The trademark is advertized in the Trademark Journal, only if application is considered acceptable by the Trademark Examiner. When the application is advertized in the Trademark Journal, third parties can oppose the registration of the mark. At the time of trademark renewal process, this process is not necessary.


After the trademark renewal is filed, the status of the trademark renewal applications has to be checked continually until it is processed at the Government side. Applicant sometimes has to give time-bound response or action during the trademark renewal.


All registered trademarks are legally protected under Trademark Act. Any infringement by an entity or a person is subjected to legal action. A punishment for trademark infringement is six months to three years of imprisonment, and fine of fifty thousand rupee to two lakh rupees.



We assure you that we treat our clients with the utmost courtesy and respect.

We are specialize in registering a wide range of business entities like Limited Liability Partnership, Private Limited Company, One Person Company, Limited Company, Trust, Society and Section 8 Company.

Solvintax is India’s online business services platform dedicated to helping people easily start and grow their business, at an affordable cost. Our aim is to help the entrepreneur on the legal and regulatory requirements, and be a partner throughout the business lifecycle, offering support at every stage to ensure the business remains compliant and continually growing.

Solvintax is the market leader in company registration services in India, offering a variety of company registration like private limited company registration, one person company registration and Producer Company Registration.

Because, we are dedicated to serve our clients in a qualitative manner for a long years, our client’s believes is the good example of our sincerity.

We have one of the largest platform to serve our clients from across India. – solvintax

We are in heart of our clients since 1989 and dedicated to serve in perpetual manner.

Money back guarantee is the supreme facility for our clients to avail instant liquidity policy.

We have skilled, professional, experienced and dedicating team for our clients to give best & accurate guidance.

Special business development officer is allotted to each customer to save time and boost up efficiency in work.

We have awarded from many corporate entities in corporate excellence and for good services.

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- Amit Chauhan

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